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KMG has a lot to offer

Design & Style

Our motto is simple: the interface IS the application. We value software design and usability above all else. The most successful projects are the ones where the user interface and user experience complement eachother to deliver an intuitive and elegant solution for the consumer.

Mockups / Prototypes

Design wireframes and mockups are created for all of our projects. We share them with each client before initial development begins so that you have a detailed view of how your project will look and function early enough so that design iterations and changes can be made easily.

Amazon AWS & RDS

KMG hosts all of our projects on the AWS platform, which provides a very reliable, scalable, and low-cost solution in the cloud. There is virtually no down-time, and with geographically redundant servers, your project will run fast. RDS also offers a HIPAA compliant environment.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to showcase and sell your products, Shopify is the answer. There are thousands of professionally-designed templates to choose from that offer flexibility and customizations.


KMG has been designing custom WordPress sites and installing template websites since the mid-2000’s. We work with each client to find a design/template that works best, build out the site, and train you how to use the admin.


If you already have a WordPress site and are looking to sell your products online, the WooCommerce plugin is a natural fit. WooCommerce provides flexible inventory management options and secure integration with many payment gateways.