Design & Style

KMG’s Philosophy

In a digital age driven by social media and mobile technology, first impressions are everything. You need to grab the user’s attention within [sometimes] seconds otherwise they will lose interest and leave. You’ve probably abandoned websites or mobile apps simply because you weren’t sure how to navigate or properly use the application. A great design, on the other hand, is inviting, intuitive, and elegant. In fact, if you’ve done your job well, a successful design is one that goes unnoticed. Our goal with every design is to cultivate an emotional response within our audience in hopes that they will feel a true connection to our technology.


UI (User Interface Design) is the process of applying a graphic design layer to a project. The structure of the interface is developed using design mockups and wireframes. This gives us a preliminary “first look” at the application and creates flexibility within the project by letting the customer suggest changes/modifications before any substantial development has begun. Once approved, we use world-class graphic artists to complete the styling.

UX (User EXperience Design) refers to the art of creating a usable and innovative experience for the end user. A common mistake in our market is to assume that UX designers should focus primarily on software and technology: in reality, successful UX must look at the big picture and consider EVERY aspect of the user’s interaction with the product. From an employee’s workstation/equipment setup to a customer’s data processing methods, fully understanding the end user and their connection with your business processes is fundamental to creating a successful user experience.