For as long as they’ve been an open source software solution for building websites, KMG has been both building and designing custom WordPress themes for our clients. The diversity and sheer volume of WordPress templates that are available today is mind-boggling, so no matter what your company does or what your brand is, there is definitely a WordPress theme out there that will be a perfect fit.

Our process is to learn as much as we can about each client: what do they do, how do they do it, who/what is their target market, what are their company goals,….etc. When we feel comfortable that we truly understand the client’s mission we work with them to either design a custom WordPress theme from scratch, or we dig through hundreds (sometimes thousands) of templates to narrow down a theme that fits perfectly with each client.

Once the theme is installed and the site content is populated, KMG offers WordPress training so that your team will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to update and manage your site in the future.

If you’d like to inquire about a WordPress template through KMG, please send us a message.